During this session, you will learn how NexaONE can achieve:

  • Recurring revenue growth and expanded gross margins

  • Higher customer retention rates  

  • Reduced operating expenses

  • Ease of use for your most critical IT Asset Management functions, including  Software License Management & Enterprise Agreement Management


NexaONE is RAY ALLEN's new user-friendly proprietary platform, built to provide the automation and advanced insights you and your customers need to easily and efficiently manage IT networking assets.

Managing millions of software and hardware assets each day, RAY ALLEN technologies and services support the world's largest service providers, VARs and OEMs in over 174 countries.

Date: December 8th

Time: 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST

Length: 45 minutes


RAY ALLEN is the critical infrastructure and networking industry’s leading IT Asset Management solutions provider, specializing in automation, integration and the transformation of data-driven lifecycle management into future-ready business strategies.

Using next generation proprietary platforms and services, we enable the world’s largest networking vendors, service providers and resellers to increase revenue and drive operational efficiencies while delivering maximum customer value.

RAY ALLEN is committed to solving problems before they emerge, empowering our customers to thrive and compete in an increasingly complex networking world.

OEM Case Study Image_TSIA World Envision 2022 Landing Page

A global communication software and network solutions Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) made the decision to outsource their indirect renewals function to RAY ALLEN because of our understanding of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) channel and ability to build valuable stakeholder relationships and drive faster renewal cycles.

RAY ALLEN now manages this OEM’s indirect renewals business, working with
distributors, resellers and end-customers of all sizes across the globe to ensure that the OEM’s renewals are running smoothly and efficiently.


The legacy approach of “making do” with spreadsheets, manual processes and siloed data will no longer suffice. Automation, mature ITAM practices and an accurate Unified Source of Truth are paramount for success in the digital economy.

In RAY ALLEN's latest eBook, learn about the four simple steps you can take to solve your customers’ operational issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner, enhance your customer experience and grow your top line.

_1066 x 600 Ben Strickland How to Best Utilize Your Enterprise Agreements (1)

As helpful as Enterprise Agreements (EAs) can be, they can also be a source of much stress and confusion when utilized incorrectly.

As more and more enterprise customers look to their VARs and SPs to provide an ITAM solution, it is becoming increasingly important that VARs and SPs know how to advise their customers on their EAs. 

Ben Strickland, Senior Director of Product Management at RAY ALLEN, provides a quick overview of EAs, how to track them, and how to avoid any unwelcome surprises.